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At, we are committed to democratizing access to quality credit. We do this by reimagining credit-modelling to empower all lenders to find the optimal balance between profits and reduced risk.

Our flagship product ZScore lets you wield the power and accuracy of AI to develop high-performance credit models across the entire credit lifecycle. All within days.

AI-Powered Accuracy

ML algorithms generate advanced and predictive credit models to enable more accurate credit decisions and lower credit risks.

Plug & Play

Build, validate and deploy no-code credit models in days, not months. Our API-based and data-agnostic approach makes integrating with your existing platforms easy.

Real-Time Decisioning

Process loan applications in real-time for improved efficiency, higher acceptance rates and an enhanced customer experience.

Customise Your Models

Develop tailored credit models for each product use case and the entire credit lifecycle – application, behaviour and collections.

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