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Credit Decisions

An integrated AI solution that lets you build, validate and deploy credit models across your customer’s full credit lifecycle of Applications, Behaviour and Collections.

is an end-to-end Credit Modelling Solution

Application ScorecardsApprove More, With Less Risk.
Get higher approval rates, and access new markets with scores you can trust.
Behaviour ScorecardsCatch Risky Clients, Not Surprises.
Get real-time foresight to detect high-risk cases before default and lower loss rates.
Collection ScorecardsMinimise Risk. Maximise Collections.
Dramatically improve your debt collection and recovery rates.

Powerful AI.

Ensemble ML

Advanced algorithms

Explainable AI

Transparent predictions

Maximising Data.

Data Agnostic

Input any type of data to model


Automated next-best offers

Leading Edge, Yet Easy to Use.


Modern technology architecture

No Code

Simple UI means no coding experience needed

Deployed in a Flash.

SaaS or OnPrem

Flexible hosting

Rapid Time to Market

API-led integration

Approve More, Confidently.

Make more approvals, and take on less risk. Our fully automated, no-code AI solution creates higher accuracy models in minutes.
Improve Model Accuracy

Reach new markets with better accuracy, including underserved customers or instances where there is a lack of data.

Never Lose A Customer

Test scores against various scenarios and present counter-offers that will get your applicants approved.


Catch Risky Customers.
Not Surprises.

Get real-time credit foresight to detect high-risk cases before default, so you can proactively manage credit risk on active accounts and reduce loss rates.
Manage Proactively

Get real-time insight to make the right calls for preventive action, and knowledge to support customers able to turn things around.

Reward Better

Predictive analysis can show you your best performing customers, so you can build stronger relationships with loyalty rewards and more.


Maximise Collections.
Minimise Loss.

Predict write-off risks with higher accuracy and make your teams efficient by knowing the best contact channel for collection.
React Fast

Data-driven AI warns you of severe cases right from first day past due. Work fast with your client before its way too late.

Collect Faster

Predict write-off risks with higher accuracy. Your teams can be more efficient by picking the right contact channels for collection.

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From traditional and digital banks, Fintech lenders, BNPL players to SME lenders and Credit Bureaus, see how many have benefitted with the speed, ease and accuracy of .
Increase in Approvals
Decrease in loss rates
Increase in GINI
To develop and deploy new credit models

Placing big ticket items within reach

Encouraging financial inclusion for business of all sorts and sizes

Making life’s important milestones affordable

Beyond the bottom line, we empower our clients to help more afford their dreams.

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