Better Credit Decisions with AI

Higher accuracy AI-powered scorecards to assess & approve credit applications in real time

What is ZScore?

A full scale end-to-end solution to help you refine your approach to credit risk. With ZScore, a single click deployment enables you to wield the power of AI to develop high-performance credit scorecards across the entire credit lifecycle, within hours and days.

Drive Business Growth

With faster, more accurate credit decisions

• Recalibrate scorecards on demand
• Process customer applications in less than 2 seconds
• Drive more sales with real-time counter-offers for rejected applications

Reduce Credit Losses

By evaluating and predicting the early detection of high risk customers

• Detect and manage high-risk cases before they default 
• Instantly review existing accounts against your latest scorecards
• Proactively manage credit risk on active accounts

Manage Accounts Efficiently

Through boosting debt collection and recovery rates

• Catch severe cases right from DPD 1
• Higher accuracy in predicting write-off risk for each delinquent account
• Prioritise debtors and set the right contact channel for more effective collections

How ZScore Works

With embedded AI capabilities, ZScore is inherently self-sufficient to learn, adapt, and improve with the micro & macro changes to the business environment.

Real-time solutions

Process loan applications in real time to deliver enhanced customer experience.

Plug & Play

Advanced architectural design with APIs enables integration with existing technologies. Rapid implementation & deployment.

AI-backed accuracy

Advanced ML algorithms with robust test, train & validation of models​


Generates counter-offers for rejected applicants. Never lose a client.

Full credit cycle

Scorecards for the entire customer credit lifecycle. Complete credit management in one place. 

High return investment

Attractive subscription-based pricing model. Priced for even the smallest FIs. is Supported By

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